PUPPY UGLIES   (they all go through it)

Puppy Uglies? What's that??

So you have purchased a Chihuahua pup, and it is adorable!!!

This cute face, that thick fluffy coat, this absolutely sweet, spunky and affectionate little fur person!

You are enchanted - potty training is moving along fine - you love that Chi~baby and it loves you right back.

Sometime down the line [your pup is now about 4-8 months old], you suddenly notice that the fur is getting a bit stringy and wispy, or that your Chi all of a sudden doesn't look like a Chi anymore.

Your husband points out that you have been
had, and that you paid way too much for that dog anyway. Your girl friend says that's ok - it's the personality that counts. Your Vet - when you bring up the subject on your spay/neuter pre-visit - suspects that you have bought a low quality Chihuahua.  Shame on him, he should know about the Chi uglies.

Now what? Calm down - and get a camera - because every once in a while you will see your Chi doing the
same thing again.  It's funny looking back and comparing the photos. Most Chi pups go through a very thorough case of the puppy uglies.  A few breeze just through [usually during the winter months] replacing one coat with the other without you even noticing.  Those just seem to shed a bit more than what you had expected.

Here's what's happening - the baby fluff comes out and they tend to look very straggly or shaggy.  That is absolutely normal - do not worry, as it all comes back.   Generally - by the time your pup is 10-12 months old [it varies a bit with the season - coats thicken faster during the winter months] he or she is in full coat.

If you don't get your female spayed, expect to see that cycle again and again, especially after she has a litter of puppies.

Altered males and females have a somewhat "mellower" hormone household, that regulates major non-seasonal shedding a.k.a. blowing the coat.