If you have never owned a Chihuahua before, please understand that while owning a well-bred Chihuahua

is one of life’s greatest pleasures, it also comes with a high degree of responsibility. These are long lived

dogs, living upwards of 15 years. When they are puppies, Chihuahuas are very fragile and prone to low

sugar attacks, from which they can die, and broken bones if not watched very carefully. A Chihuahua is

not a dog that can live in your backyard without much love and companionship! These dogs live only to be

with you and the closer to you the better!! If you don’t want a snuggler, a constant companion, a shadow,

don’t get a Chihuahua!! And while they are relatively healthy and hardy breed, because of their small size

they do require a more watchful eye as they can easily be stepped on, slip out of the tiniest holes in a

fence, and if left outside unattended, can become victims to a bird of prey; they can also be hurt by too

rough of play by a larger breed of dog.

Having said all that, they will also give you a kind of love that in my experience is unrivaled by any other

breed of dog. They will belong to you alone. They are a constant source of amusement and comfort and the best of all friends. So if you think this is the dog for you please contact me at


E-mail me at jek0626@yahoo.com